All of Time and Space

Hello! I'm the Doctor! Ah yes the face is a bit different. Something went a bit wobbly as you can tell. But feel free to stop in and say hello. All that time and space can make a girl feel pretty lonely.
(This is a female!Doctor RP blog. I'll follow any RP blogs back and will RP with any fandom or OC. I track the tag ladyofthebluebox. Just send me a message or tag me to start something! FC: Rachel McAdams)

Current M!A: None

1: Picture of yourself

(please excuse the everything about my face)

5: Biggest Turn Ons

1) smelling good

2) good sense of humour

3) intelligence

4) good style

5) just being nice

12: What I’m doing tomorrow

  Hmmm hopefully nothing but tumblr with all of you beautiful lovelies.

15: Biggest insecurities?

    Hmmm I have quite a few of them. Mostly about my body. I don’t really like my face, or my hair, or my body.

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