All of Time and Space

Hello! I'm the Doctor! Ah yes the face is a bit different. Something went a bit wobbly as you can tell. But feel free to stop in and say hello. All that time and space can make a girl feel pretty lonely.
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It was the first time in a while she’d visited London. Nothing had changed. Probably because she came at around the same point in time as she did before. All around her were cars driving off and people walking and talking. She was staring up at all the tall buildings and wasn’t paying attention. Which is why she didn’t see the person in front of her. And ran straight into them. “I’m so so sorry. I di-” She stopped when she recognized the face of an old acquaintance. The face of Sergeant Sally Donovan.

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    She finished off her sweet and coffee and laughed. “You’re probably right. Too many rules and boring stuff for me.”
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    " I don’t think you’re meant to have a job." Sally giggled. "I can’t exactly imagine you working a proper one." She...